Public Service Interpreter for the city of Winterthur

  • Social Services, KESB (Swiss Children and Adult Protection Authority)
  • Schools, parent-teacher meetings




  • Gonçalves Advokat
  • Tarifa-Spain Guesthouse

Literary works:

  • Bachelor thesis: Translation from Chinese into Spanish of some short stories from Pu Songling's "聊斋志异" (in English: Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio)


  • Freelance translator and post-editor for Amazon: product descriptions from German into Spanish


  • Master thesis: "Analysis of databases to determine the clinical importance of enzymes that make up estradiol and estrone in ER+ breast cancer"


Other jobs

Assistant at the law firm Gonçalves Advokat

Representant for Conference Interpreting on the Student's Council at ZHAW

Internship: English teacher at Hi! Englisch Academy, Granada

Windsurfinstructor at SpinOut Tarifa S.L., Spain

Waitress at Rest. La Sarcelle Cheyres, Hotel Albana Silvaplana, Rest.-Pizzeria La Tribu Playa Spain


Resultado de imagen de zhaw ZHAW 2019-2020

Master programme in Applied Linguistics: Conference Interpreting


Resultado de imagen de zhaw ZHAW 2018

Interpreting preparatory course


Resultado de imagen de UGR UGR 2014-2018

Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting


Resultado de imagen de peking university logo PKU 2018

Exchange programme:

Peking University Chinese Language Programm

Resultado de imagen de university of ulster logo UU 2015-2016


Ulster University, Northern Ireland


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