Professor for English-Spanish Interpreting at the University of Granada, Spain*

"Completing this course successfully requires a high command of both Spanish and English, as well as a very good level of general knowledge and communication skills applied to interlinguistic and intercultural communication. During the time that she attended my classes, Ms. Stämpfli was always at the top of her class, showing a very high level of performance in all interpreting relatec tasks. Also, she participated actively in class, with intelligent and relevant contributions which reflected her sense of analysis and attention to detail. Furthermore, during my classes Ms. Stämpfli proved that she is an excellent student and it was a pleasure to teach her. She proved to have a high degree of commitment and motivation, and was alwas willing to learn from her mistakes as well as to take advantage of suggestions for improvement offered in class. I consider these to be invaluable features for anyone pursuing an education at the postgraduate level."



Professor for Chinese-Spanish Translation at the University of Granada, Spain*

"During my time as Miss Stämpfli’s professor I have noticed her strong work ethic not only in class, but also in her independent study. She prepared the classes in advance and was not afraid to ask any question in and after classes. In order to improve her language skills, she even took part in two different exchange programs where she could experience an in-depth emersion into the culture and language of China and Northern Ireland. Throughout her studies abroad she has not only managed to keep up her outstanding grades but also to enjoy her stays and to return with a better understanding of the language and country in general. This shows her commitment and hard work in all kinds of environments."


*The complete letters of recommendation including names are available on request.

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